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Batterie pour Hoverboard 6"5, 8"5 et 10"
  • Batterie pour Hoverboard 6"5, 8"5 et 10"

Batterie pour Hoverboard 6"5, 8"5 et 10"

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Long life lithium battery - 36V 4.4 Ah 4400 mAH

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These batteries are compatible with 6"5, 8"5 and 10" hoverboards.

These are the same batteries originally fitted on the latest generation V2 hoverboards.

The batteries purchased on Free Moving are compatible with hummer hoverbaords, cool and fun hoverbaords, smart balance wheels, 6.5 inch, 8.5 inch and 10 inch models. No difference for hoverboards with or without Bluetooth It is the same in all these cases.

Hoverbaord battery choice: How to choose the battery for your electric hoverboard?

To choose the right battery for your hoverboard, you must take into account 3 parameters: battery size, voltage and amperage.

A voltage of 36V and an amperage of 4400mAh (or 4.4 Ah) is required. This is necessary to be compatible with the vehicle's motherboard.

In order not to have any problems, choose a Samsung lithium ion technology, lg or trick it is the same manufacturing plant.

 Where to buy a battery?

It is essential to avoid cheap batteries. If the price is too low like those sold on aliexpress or on Marketplace of large e-commerce sites. Quite often in these cases you will not benefit from any guarantee, and therefore in the best of cases it will not work and in the worst of cases it explodes and you can set your device on fire. Some battery sales sites do not even have legal notices.


Battery hs: Why and when to change the battery of your hoverboard?

Be careful, it is important to check if the problem does not come from the battery charger. Battery chargers may also be defective.


Here are the symptoms of his electric vehicle to take into account:

The hoverboard battery that no longer charges, the hoverboard battery flashes red or orange and sometimes the vehicle emits beeps or unusual beeps.

Change is required in the case of a significant loss of autonomy.


How to change the battery of your device:

Even if access is not very simple, these batteries are removable.  It will be necessary to open the hoverboard shell by unscrewing the 12 screws, all of which are easily accessible.

Then the screws must be removed from the battery holder. Finally disconnect it: disconnect its power cable and replace it.

The dismantling operation is not very complicated.

Once the new battery is installed, you may need to calibrate the hoverbaord with its new battery. This is not always the case, especially for the latest generation vehicles.

There is no maintenance to do on lithium batteries. It is not necessary to fully unload them and recharge them at their limit. This is the case with older generation batteries.

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